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Red onions are the most common Allium vegetable in the world. It is found in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Even the taste of red onions are ranging from juicy and sweet to sharp, pungent, and spicy. These facts depend on the land (area) and season where onion is cultivated. Red onions have impressive health benefits, whether they’re raw or cooked. Nutrients in red onion are a little bit higher than in other species. 

Red Onion Benefits

Nutrients in red onion

Red onions are cholesterol-free, low in sodium, and contain a negligible amount of fat. Most of the case onions contain 89% water, 9% complex carbohydrate (including 4% sugar and 2% dietary fiber), and almost 1% protein. The main nutrients in red onion per 100g are –

Calories 40
Potassium 146 mg
Sodium 4 mg
Carbohydrate 9 g (including Dietary fiber and Sugar)
Protein 1.1 g
The main vitamins found in red onions are Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, and Calcium.

Onions supply 12% Vitamin C, 5% Vitamin B-6, 2% Magnesium, 2% Calcium, very tiny percentages of zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium of your Daily intake limit (based on a 2,000 calorie diet). 

Nutrients in red onion

Health benefits of Red onion

What does red onion do for your body?

Nutrients in red onion have some organosulfur compounds that help to lower blood pressure means to keep your heart healthy.  

Regular consumption of allium vegetables like red onions can protect you from different diseases, even cancers. Nutrients in red onions especially Phytochemicals and flavonoid quercetin are responsible to do this task.

Research showed that the flavonoid quercetin of onions acts as an anti-inflammatory in the human body and onions have the natural anti-diabetic effect (help to control blood sugar levels).

Red onions are capable to inhibit low-density lipoprotein oxidation, which is very important for atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Flavonoids of onions help decrease the threat of stroke and Parkinson’s disease. 

Another study showed that regular consumption of onions could lower the rate of colorectal cancer by nearly 75 percent and suggest consuming .01 pounds of allium vegetables (chives, garlic, scallions, shallots, leeks) per day.

The research found that the consumption of garlic and red onion reduced the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Raw onion juice keeps scalp dandruff free for its antibacterial nutrients and keeps lice free. Even, onion juice may be helpful for hair growth, though much more scientific evidence is needed to prove it.

Health benefits of Red onion

Health benefits – Vitamin in Red onion

Among all Nutrients in red onion vitamin B-6 is a blessing for mankind because it improves mood as well as reduces depression.

Red onions provide a decent amount of Vitamin C, which is essential for the growth, increase, and repair of all body tissues. It also reduces the risk of chronic disease and Boosts immunity.

As red onions supply 2% Magnesium and 2% calcium, they strengthen bones and teeth as well as protect against osteoporosis. Magnesium compounds may also improve sleep.  Even, eating raw onion regularly may help in easing postmenopausal symptoms.

Each 100g red onion supplies 146mg Potassium which is a very important mineral to regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals. Potassium also protects against stroke and prevents osteoporosis and kidney stones.

At last, antioxidants and sulfur-containing compounds make red onions different from other vegetables as they can reduce cancer risk, decrease heart diseases, lower blood pressure and sugar level, and by removing depression keep in good mood.