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benefits of lemon

Lemon are very nourishing and common fruit all over the world. For pleasant smells of lemon, very often people use small amounts to add flavor with soft drinks, juice and other food. In addition health benefits of lemon water is much known to everyone. One medium size lemon 84gm (2-2.5’’ diameter) provides 24 calories with 115.9 mg Potassium, 1.7 mg Sodium, 8gm carbohydrate, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, citric acid and very low amount of fat 0.3gm. Lemon is totally cholesterol free.


For containing high amount of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B-6 and some other healthy components lemon has numerous health benefits. Lemons can improve heart health, reduce the risk of kidney stones and many types of cancers, may help to prevent anemia, aids in digestion, helps to clean skin and promotes weight loss. Whatever the way you eat lemon, it’s good for health.

Lemon reduce stroke risk

Primary health benefits of lemon is – it can reduce blood pressure, hence reduce heart disease. Because high blood pressure damages heart veins. Overweight or high blood pressure patient may reduce the stoke risk by eating citrus fruits (lemon). Those who regularly eat lemon water in the morning or lemon water before bed gets sufficient amount of vitamin C that lower the risk of ischemic stroke. This type of stoke mainly occurs when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to the brain.


Reduce the risk of kidney stones

Kidney stones are quite common dieses. It occurs when small crystallize lumps form from waste foodstuffs in your kidneys. Studies shows citric acid may prevent this kidney stones formation. As lemon contain enough citric acid so it can reduce the risk of kidney stones. People who eat drinking water with lemon (1/2-cup or around 125 ml) per day may get sufficient citric acid to help prevent kidney stone formation.

Lemon help to prevent anemia

Insufficiency of iron may lead Iron deficiency anemia and it is relatively common dieses. Though lemon doesn’t supply huge quantity of iron but its vitamin C and citric acid can improve your immunity system to takes iron from other plant-based foods. If you don’t like sour taste of lemon, mix honey with lemon juice. Thus maintaining proper iron level, lemon help to prevent anemia.


Lemon fruit aids to improve digestion

If you have digestive problem, try to drink hot water and lemon juice in every morning. But confirm lemon pulp in your juice to get more soluble fiber. Soluble fiber of lemon will helps to improve your digestive health.

Skin benefits of lemon fruit

If you have any bad dark spot on your skin, try lemon juice or lemon water at night before bed. Natural antibacterial qualities of Lemon and its alpha hydroxyl acids acts acne medications. They can remove blackheads and brighten your skin.

The Vitamin C in lemons also promotes collagen synthesis, another boost to your skin.


Lemon fruit Reduce Cancer Risk

Lemon are great source of antioxidant vitamin C that prevent human cell damages and killed cancer cells. Reduce cell damages means it can reduce the risk of cancer. Few researchers believe limonene and naringenin found in lemon have anticancer effects, though some studies have found no effects.


Lemon water for weight loss

Lemon and water both are helpful for weight loss. It supplies tiny amount of fat so you can eat lemon and water juice without any hesitation. Rather it provides high amount of pectin and vitamin C that gives you feel fuller for longer. Citrus fruits like lemon has good amount of fiber that lead to lower body weight. Research shows who eat lemon with a high fat diet gained lesser weight than those who did not eat lemon. But more research needed to confirm whether lemon water for weight loss is effective or not.


You may get some other benefits of lemon – it may help blood sugar level in control, relieves a sore throat, boosting immune system and so on. But lemon water in the morning and lemon water at night before going bed may give you so many health benefits.

Adverse effects of lemon Fruit


Without knowing adverse effects of lemon juice, people are always trying to find out benefits of lemon fruit. Common side effects of lemon is Skin irritation, Phytophotodermatitis, Leukoderma, gastroesophageal reflux disease, acid reflux and increase migraine.