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You are what you eat; if you eat healthily, you live healthily. A simple rule that is not so simple to follow. Why? Because you have so many tempting food places like Burger King that can make your mouth water. Fast food options are only a click away; would it not be great if your favorite restaurants started offering healthy eating options?
Cheese-loaded fries, saucy burgers, and decadent desserts with your favorite drink can improve your mood on a bad day.
However, there is no denying the fact that eating unhealthy food regularly can cause several diseases to the harbor in your body. These health problems come for free, from diabetes to cholesterol and even cardiac arrest from unhealthy food.
But, worry not.
Here, we will provide you with reliable data and information, instead of going all rogue with your food choices, you can try some healthy options at Burger King.

10 Healthy Options at Burger King

Burger King Fans can eat there, no matter what time of day.
In the past, Burger King’s healthy options did include salads and chicken grilled sandwiches. Sadly, they recently took them off their menu, leaving the health geeks heartbroken.
The good part is that there are other low-calorie, low sodium and even keto-friendly options at Burger King that you can choose from.
Whether you go there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for a quick snack – this is your guide to healthy Burger King options!

Healthy Breakfast Options at Burger King

There are limited healthy options at Burger King for breakfast, but something is better than nothing, right?

However, adding drinks other than low-fat milk or water can add to your calories. So, while you order your healthy breakfast, choose your sidelines and morning drinks wisely!

Burger King French Toast Sticks

1. French Toast Sticks

Who does not love a scrumptious French toast for breakfast? From kids to adults, this nutrient-laden breakfast choice is a win-win for all!

One of the healthiest options at Burger King is their delicious French toast sticks. These sticks are low in calories and sodium, which can be a perfect start for the day. Lesser calories and sodium prevent the risk of heart problems such as high blood pressure and even stroke.

Ordering three or five of these French toast sticks is recommended because overheating is never a good idea, even if it is with the healthy options at Burger King.

For three to five sticks, your breakfast will have approximately 227-380 calories with 260-430 mg of sodium.

The ingredients of toast sticks include milk, egg yolk, flour, a little salt, cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg dipped in sliced bread pieces. These toast sticks are pan-fried to keep them on the healthier side. You can ask for a deep fry if you want to.

Pair these French toast sticks with honey or maple syrup and enjoy a decadent low-calorie breakfast.


2. Croissan’wich

Just started your healthy food regime but craving for a ham and cheese sandwich?
Worry not; the healthy Burger King options include a perfect cheesy breakfast sandwich called “Croissan’wich.” It will satisfy your taste buds without disrupting your healthy diet.
It is low in calories (370) with a moderate amount of protein (17 grams). Moreover, if you want, you can order it with sausage or bacon instead of ham.
The only setback with this heavenly, or ham-mainly cheesy sandwich is that it contains high sodium, around 1000 mg. If you want to try this healthy option at Burger King, balance your sodium intake for the rest of the day.

Low Calorie, Low-Sodium Options at Burger King


Fast food and low-calories may seem an impossible combination, but not when you are Burger King!

Some of the healthiest options at Burger King include your favorite chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, and hamburgers. These food choices will help you maintain your diet while satisfying your cravings.

You can make your meal healthier by ordering a healthier sideline like applesauce, sauté vegetables, fresh fruit, or any low-calorie option available.

These healthy options at Burger King are also low in sodium. These food choices help you maintain the Daily Value (DV) of less than 2300 mg daily sodium.

So, choose your Burger King healthy options wisely!

3. Hamburger

A gooey hamburger that melts in your mouth is a treat straight from the heavens. And when it is low in calories, there cannot be anything better.

The hamburger with only 10 grams of fat and 240 calories is one of the best Burger King healthy options for you.

Want to hear some more healthily good news?

The low-calorie Burger King hamburgers are also low in sodium- only 390 mg. A dream come true for health-conscious foodies.

4. Cheeseburger

How can the healthy Burger King options not include a choice for cheese-lovers?

If you are bored of the plain low-calorie hamburger, you can have a go at the cheeseburger. A healthy option at Burger King with only 280 calories, 560 mg sodium, and 13 grams of fat.

This can be an excellent treat for health geeks on a cheat day.

Moreover, if you mind your calories with the main meal, do not go rogue with the sidelines. Order only healthy, low-calories sidelines.

Burger King Chicken Nuggets

5. Chicken nuggets

From kids to the elderly, who does not enjoy the crispy chicken nuggets at Burger King?

Ordering 4 pieces of chicken nuggets only add 170 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 310 mg of sodium to your body. Nuggets low in sodium and calories are one of the famous and healthiest options at Burger King.

Just mind your dipping sauces; stick to BBQ sauce, honey mustard, or ketchup to keep your calories in control.

6. Whopper Junior

The following healthy option at Burger King, low sodium and low-calories after the plain hamburger, is their mouthwatering Whopper junior.

With only 250-300 calories and 390 mg sodium, it helps you stick to your healthy diet routine while enjoying fast food once in a while.

Keto-Friendly Options at Burger King


The keto diet is the new trendy healthy regime followed by many people. While many of your favorite restaurants may not offer keto-friendly options, Burger King cares for you.

These healthy options at Burger King are keto-people’s best friend. Remember not to sway off your healthy routine stick to healthier sidelines to keep your calories down.

7. Whopper with no bun

Did you just bandwagon the keto diet trend yet your taste buds are not ready to give up on fast food? You can try Whopper without the bun, which is one of the keto-friendly and healthiest options at Burger King.

Without the bun, the Whopper is a perfect fit for keto people. However, it is rich in trans-fat (1.5 grams). Therefore, you need to order in moderation and mind your condiments and beverages.

8. Sausage, cheese & egg without the biscuit

This keto-friendly breakfast makes to the list of Burger King healthy options that are low in carbs and high in proteins. Get the sausages and egg without the biscuit; you can also replace the sausages with ham or bacon without adding many calories.
It can be a great, protein-rich (14 grams) start to the day.

Healthy Desserts at Burger Kings


For foodies, no meal is complete without a dessert. Nevertheless, you might have to control your sweet tooth when you are on a diet or restricted calorie count. The healthy options at Burger King include a few desserts that do not make you weigh more on the weighing scales.

9. Soft-Serve Ice Cream Cone

You scream I scream; we all scream for Ice Cream. Even the sound of this reminds me of the good old childhood days. When just a cone of ice cream used to take us to our happy place. While times have changed but the love for soft serve is still the same.

With only 142 calories and low sodium, this soft serve cone is one of the healthiest options at Burger King. It curbs your sweet cravings and does not gives you diabetes!

Although it is amongst Burger King’s healthy options, just treat yourself to the soft-serve seldom. To live a healthy life, eating in moderation is key.

10. Soft-serve cup

Do you know what is even lower in calories than a soft-serve cone? A soft serve cup!

It is low in calories, sodium, fat, and sugar, which put it on the list of Burger King’s healthy options.

Eat Healthily; Stay Healthy

These healthy options at Burger King are a dream come true for food lovers who are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Try the health-filled delicacies and let your taste buds enjoy cheesy, toasty, nugget-y foods.