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About 50% of cases symptoms of chlamydia for men are asymptomatic, even they don’t know they have this bacterial sexually transmitted disease (STD). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if any men experience chlamydia symptoms, usually show up within 1 to 3 weeks after the initial infection. Usually, Chlamydia arises two types of complications for men: urethritis or epididymitis. 

The most common 7 symptoms of chlamydia for men are –

symptoms of chlamydia for men

1. Feeling burning sensation at the time of urinating:

This is the most common among all symptoms of chlamydia for men. Many people describe this symptom as a sizzling sensation. Sometimes people don’t even recognize this symptom and assumed that this feeling or symptoms are very normal. Very often infected people feel a buildup of pressure before urination.  

Genital Discharge for men

2. Genital Discharge for Urethral infection:

Men experience unusual, thick white discharge from the penis for Urethral infection. Many people called it pus and milky in appearance. Women who get chlamydia also experience thick and yellowish discharge from their vagina with a strong intolerable smell. This is the second most common symptom of chlamydia for men and women. 

Inflammation (swelling) of the genitals:

Men experience swelling in one or both testicles that can be very tender to the touch. But this symptom of chlamydia for men is less common. Women can feel inflammation inside their vagina and beside their anus.

Pain during Intercourse:

At the time of intercourse or sex, men experience pain in their genitals. But in this case, people ignore it and take it as normal pain. Chlamydia-infected women can often find it very painful. Even, sometimes vaginal bleeding is seen after sex. 

Anal Itching and rectum infection:

This bacterial sexually transmitted infection creates unusual discharge from the rectum and can create discomfort, anal itching, soreness, bleeding, and sometimes painful bowel movements. If chlamydia infected men or women do receptive anal sex, they may experience rectum infection. Anal itching (severe case) is a very rare symptom of chlamydia for both men and women. This itching may lead to bleeding or other discharges. 

Eye Irritation and discharge from eyes:

Chlamydia may occur eye irritation like Gonorrhea. A contaminated hand can transmit this disease. It can transmit into the eyes in another way if semen or vaginal fluid directly enters into the eyes. For newborn baby may get it from his/her mother. If infected, symptoms will consist of eye irritation, itching, redness, and thick milky discharge out of the eye (conjunctivitis may develop). 

Sore Throat :

Chlamydia may affect the throat without having any external symptoms. If a contaminated person does oral sex, both men and women may experience this symptom. Sore throat makes it difficult to eat or swallow any food. A contaminated person feels raw and painful throat. 

These symptoms of chlamydia for men are very similar to many other bacterial infections. As this sexually transmitted disease is fully curable, no one should not ignore this infection. Long-term untreated chlamydia can prevent a man to be a father and for women to be a mother.